Photo by George Gruel at SITF Photo Shoot.


From the Filmmakers: "Reconsider Me” is a documentary film that explores the life and career of a forgotten gem in American music, Warren Zevon. The film re-evaluates Warren as one of the most influential and important artists of all time. It is no secret that artists like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jackson Browne, Stevie Nicks, and Linda Ronstadt all admired, and worked with Warren. His songs are literary masterworks accompanied with musical composition that had depth and integrity. Despite having a body of work that would make any songwriter envious, the limelight eluded the musical outlaw throughout his career.

Most people know Warren for his song “Werewolves of London” if they know him at all. The dance hall hit was his biggest success, yet it pales in comparison to the rest of his work. His caustic wit and dark comedy infused songbook provided him with the embrace of the punk singers, the Americana enthusiast and alternative rockers as well as the praise from some of the greatest writers ever. Despite lacking financial success the “Excitable Boy” amassed a diehard cult following that sustained Zevon throughout his career and after his death.

Our goal is to show the importance of his music and the legacy he has left behind. He has inspired many songwriters both young and old and has for too long been under appreciated. Follow us as we uncover the story to one of the most important and overlooked artist of any generation. Let's reevaluate his catalogue of music and “reconsider” him as one of the greatest artists of all time so he can take his rightful place in the rock n roll hall of fame where he so belongs.

Draw Blood. 


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